Han Dongping, professor of American Warren Wilson University gave lectures in our school
January 14 ,2016


On the afternoon of January 6th, Han Dongping, professor of American Warren Wilson University and distinguished professor of Hebei University was invited to give an academic lectures entitled Political and Cultural Differences of China and the United States in moot court of Hanxue Building. Lecture was presided over by Yuan Benwen who is party committee secretary of School of Humanity and Law, and hundreds of teachers and students attended the lecture.
           The point of view that Cultures of the World Have No Distinction was put forward by Professor Han Dongping in the lecture. He started from differences of natural, historical environment of China and the United States, analyzed differences in religion, judicial system, material culture, political system of current China and the United States, and pointed out that current U.S. political and social systems were determined by its sparse population, vast land, rich resources and other factors jointly. Through a large number of vivid examples, professor Han compared current political systems of China and the United States, analyzed natural condition factors leading to their differences in political system, and suggested if we have the opportunity, we can communicate and study to the United States, and understand that mechanism of national conditions and realistic conditions interact by ourselves.
Han Dongping also communicated with teachers and students in our school, and patiently explained questions like "American impressions of Chinese people" and so on.

By  School of Marxism

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