Embarking on a New Chapter in the Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation between NCUT and Brunel University London
October 15 ,2019

A five-member delegation led by Prof. Julia Buckingham, Vice Chancellor and President of Brunel University London (BUL) and Prof. Hua Zhao, Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) and Vice Dean of College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences visited NCUT on May 13, 2019. On behalf of NCUT, Prof. Zheng Wentang the Chairman of University Counsel, Prof. Ding Hui the President and Prof. Shen Zhili the Vice President met the delegation. On the same day, NCUT and BUL signed the Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Association of North China University of Technology - Brunel University London School, establishing the comprehensive strategic cooperation between NCUT and BUL. These two universities will support collaboration and exchanges over multiple fields, which will foster the development of a joint academic institution.


Chairman Zheng Wentang warmly welcomed President Julia Buckingham and her delegation. They exchanged ideas about the joint school these two universities are planning. Chairman Zheng Wentang suggested that the two universities shared great prospects and hoped the joint endeavor would soon recruit its first intake of students. It was furthered by Chairman Zheng Wentang that deeper collaboration could be realized in the construction of various disciplines and scientific research. Meanwhile, Chairman Zheng Wentang expressed his wish to have President Julia Buckingham and Prof. Zhao Hua as guest professors of NCUT. In favour of Chairman Zheng Wentang’s proposal, President Julia Buckingham suggested close partnerships be built within academic teams from both sides.


The two presidents signed the Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Association of North China University of Technology - Brunel University London School in Conference Room 302, Dunpin building. President Ding Hui then had a productive talk with the BUL delegation. The leaders of the two institutions discussed and exchanged views on the prospects for bilateral cooperation and the future of higher education. It was pointed out by President Ding Hui that to actively respond to the Emerging Engineering Education proposed by the Ministry of Education, China, NCUT is committed to improving the level of teaching and research. He continued to put forward that universities should pay more attention to the training of students’ life learning ability. To achieve this goal, NCUT will actively learn from BUL and promote collaboration between the two universities in the future. As was elaborated by President Julia Buckingham, the British government in recent years has been pushing its international education strategy and encouraging international cooperation in higher education. Meanwhile, increased investment has been placed into scientific research in Britain, hoping to produce continuing benefits to society. In addition, President Julia Buckingham stated that BUL encourages inter-discipline activities among students and would like to support the scientific cooperation and academic exchange from both sides in order to create a bright future.




After the meeting, President Julia Buckingham delivered a speech entitled ‘UK Higher Education’ in the Guangxue Building lecture hall. The future of British higher education, the impact the coming Brexit might have on HEIs and the role BUL plays in the UK’s higher education were covered in this talk.


At the end, representatives of faculty and students from NCUT presented their hand-made calligraphy works to President Julia Buckingham to show their warm welcome to her delegation as well as their gratitude for her thought-provoking speech.




In the afternoon, accompanied by Vice President Shen Zhili, the BUL delegation visited the International School and the Intelligent Control of City Transportation Lab, a key laboratory in Beijing. The other three members within the BUL delegation included Dr. Bin Wang the Vice Dean of the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences, Mr. Richard Emery the Head of International Partnerships and Ms. Monica Yang the International Partnerships Manager.



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