Youthfulness and glory in the service of the "Double Olympics" - Our volunteers successfully completed the duty of supporting the Winter Olympics
March 15 ,2022

On the evening of March 14, NCUT volunteers returned from the Winter Olympic Games after successfully fulfilling their duties. Secretary of the Party Committee of NCUT Miao Jinxiang and Vice President Wang Li, along with the senior leaders of relevant schools, warmly welcomed the volunteers in front of Dunpin Building.

On behalf of the university, Professor Miao Jinxiang fully affirmed and highly appreciated the work of the volunteers during the Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games before expressing his cordial condolences and heartfelt thanks to the volunteers. He pointed out that, as the team serving and supporting the Winter Olympic Games for the longest duration, the students, loaded with the earnest expectations of all NCUTers, had contributed their youth, wisdom and strength to the successful completion of the "simple, safe and splendid" Winter Olympic Games. They have demonstrated the good spirit of the youth of NCUT and won wide acclaim for the university. He expressed his hope that the students would share their feelings and unforgettable stories of voluntary service with the students and teachers around them, so as to convey the warmth of the spirit of the Winter Olympics in NCUT and be the spreader and practitioner of the spirit of the Winter Olympics.

Vice President Wang Li handed out souvenirs to the volunteers on their triumphant return. He also expressed his thanks and appreciation to the volunteers for their hard work.

During the preparation and hosting of the Winter (Paralympic) Games, 213 volunteers from NCUT were assigned to volunteer at the Beijing Uniform and Registration Centre and the headquarters of the Winter Olympic Organising Committee, etc. With vigorous attitude and passion, the volunteers completed the registration of athletes, officials and media representatives from all countries (regions), as well as production and distribution of documents and uniforms with high standard and quality. With a total of more than 180,000 hours of volunteer service, NCUT volunteers have been highly recognised by the headquarters of the Winter Olympic Committee, the Uniform and Registration Centre and the Municipal Committee. Meanwhile, they have attracted attention from various media such as the official website of the Beijing Olympic Organising Committee and Beijing Radio & Television Station.

In addition, 372 students were appointed to provide services to Shijingshan District and some of the important events of the Winter Olympic Games as city volunteers, including information consultation and traffic guidance at five city service points such as Shijingshan Amusement Park, the torch relay at Beijing Winter Olympic Park, guidance for spectators on the competition day of Shougang Ski Jump, as well as the assembly and evacuation at P4 parking lot at Shougang Park during the opening and closing ceremonies. With their bright smiles and warm-hearted actions, the volunteers conveyed the spirit of "dedication, friendship, solidarity and progress", and were highly praised by the people and Youth League Committee of Shijingshan District.

The wonderful and outstanding sport event has come to an end, while the spirit of unselfishness and dedication of the NCUTers will be inherited. In the next few days, the university will organize activities such as story-telling activities and awarding ceremony to transform the enthusiasm of serving the Winter Olympics, the passion of participating in the Winter Olympics and the success of supporting the Winter Olympics into a powerful impetus for developing moral education.

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