Five projects proposed by NCUT for effective talent supply-demand matching have been approved by the Ministry of Education
April 21 ,2022

Recently, the Department of College Students Affairs, Ministry of Education has released the first-phase list of projects established to promote graduate employment by fostering the supply-demand equilibrium between higher education and industry. On that list, five projects were proposed by NCUT. We have agreed to cooperate with five employers, including China Mobile Information Technology Ltd., Sangfor Technologies Inc., Chinasoft International Ltd., Kylin Sofware Ltd. and Sci-Tech Information Technology Ltd. Cooperation will be conducted in terms of talent training, internship programmes and human resource upgrading, etc. The five projects were finally approved after the process of application by universities, declaration by employers, review by experts and verification of information by relevant authorities.

Such projects are launched by the Department of College Students Affairs of Ministry of Education. Specifically, to implement the decision of "stabilize and secure employment" by the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council, these projects are launched to deepen the integration of education and industry and the cooperation between educational institutions and businesses. Meanwhile, organic coordination between talent training and employment along with the effective matching in talent supply and demand will be promoted by such projects. The five projects of our university that have been approved are all proposed by the School of Informatics. The School has taken this project application as an important opportunity to facilitate the development of its programmes, talent training and career services. Working closely with the Admissions and Career Office and proactively liaising with the employers, the School decided to apply for four placement projects and one human resource upgrading project in response to the actual needs of different programmes. All of the applications have been approved.

The University will then work with the employers to advance the projects. By actively building a new collaborative training model between educational institutions and businesses, the University strives for "zero distance" with the enterprises in terms of supply and demand of talents, so as to provide more internship opportunities for our graduates. While realising the win-win cooperation with the enterprises, the University also hopes to further the employment of graduates to a new level.

Translator: Yang Yu

Editor: Fang Ting

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