2022 NCUT Selection of Renowned Teaching Faculty Members came to a successful conclusion
May 16 ,2022

On 26 April, 2022 Selection of Renowned Teaching Faculty Members, North China University of Technology, came to a successful conclusion. After a fierce competition, five members of the teaching faculty were successfully selected as renowned teaching faculty at the university level.

The selection of renowned teaching faculty members is an effort by the university to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important remarks on education. Giving full play to the exemplary and leading role of outstanding faculty members in education and teaching, this activity aims to continuously strengthen the teaching team of the university and to improve the quality of talent training. A total of 16 outstanding teaching faculty members from nine schools took part in this year's selection. The selection was divided into two parts: on-site teaching demonstration evaluation and final evaluation at the expert group meeting.

In the afternoon of 24 April and 25 April, each participant gave a 20-minute teaching demonstration during the on-site evaluation session. All participants carefully designed their teaching content and adopted a variety of teaching techniques, with vivid instructions rich in expressions and gestures. The participants demonstrated their individual teaching style and professional characteristics by delivering the class with a high standard of teaching skills, which showcased the professionalism and spirits of NCUT faculty members. The expert team made comprehensive evaluations of the participants with regard to their teaching contents, teaching skills, curriculum structure, ideological elements, teaching language and teaching style.

In the morning of April 26, Vice President Li Ping presided over a meeting with the leading group for the selection of renowned teaching faculty members. At the meeting, the experts made a final evaluation of the participants by combining the textual materials and the on-site rating. Finally, five participants were identified as candidates to be recommended as renowned teaching faculty members of the university. The shortlist has been displayed to the public on University website.

The selection of renowned teaching faculty members is a recognition and an encouragement of the contributions made and teaching standards set by the faculty members working in the front line of education and teaching. It is also an effective means to optimise the teaching team and select outstanding talents. These university-level renowned teaching faculty members will be recommended to participate in the selection of Beijing-level renowned teaching faculty members. NCUT adheres to the high standard in its selection of renowned teaching faculty members and encourages its faculty members to follow the example of these selected colleagues, in order to better implement moral education, broaden their teaching ideas and continuously improve teaching standards.

Translator: Yang Yu

Editor: Fang Ting

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