NCUT IEEE Power Electronics Society Student Union and its peer at University of New Brunswick commemorated the PELS Day
June 24 ,2022

    To commemorate the establishment of the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) on June 20, 1987, the PELS Student Union at North China University of Technology (NCUT) and the PELS Student Union at University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Canada jointly organized an online meeting on June 19 of Beijing time. The event invited Professor Zhang Liuchen, academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering and IEEE PELS chairman, Dr. Haider Razak, product designer of Hammond Company, Ms. Guedes, power system consultant of OSIAspenTech, and Dr. Xu Shuang, head of the PELS Student Union at NCUT to attend the meeting. Members of IEEE PELS Student Union at UNB and their peers at NCUT participated the event.

    Sun Shoubin, chairman of the PELS Student Union at NCUT, introduced the Union's recent development at NCUT. After that, Academician Zhang Liuchen praised what NCUT students have achieved, and hoped this meeting would strengthen graduates’ contacts between two universities and promote the development of the Power Electronics Society.

    Ms. Millena Guedes, sharing her own experience of studying at Peking University, made a presentation vividly about the meeting topic of "Benefits of a Multicultural Work Environment", and proposed a prospect of diverse development for the Unions. And Professor Zhang Liuchen, chairman of PELS, emphasized the significance of female engineers in the field of power electronics, and mentioned the proportion of female working in the field of power electronics both in China and western countries. Giving his speech a theme of "How to Present a Technical Paper", Dr. Xu Shuang from NCUT illustrated how to make a scientific report interestingly, and took his own published papers as an example to describe how to write a technical academic article by concise languages and clear logics, providing efficient suggestions and references for students to write scientific and technological reports.

    After their speeches, students actively interacted and communicated. At the end of the meeting, Afnan, chairman of the UNB PELS Student Union, concluded the meeting by appreciating the attendance of Academician Zhang Liuchen, every teacher and student, and hoped that PELS Student Unions at both sides can increase exchanges and maintain close relationship, so as to establish an effective platform and lay a solid foundation for the future development.

This event has positive influences on promoting NCUT students to exchange with oversea students, and forwards developments and international influences of electrical engineering.

    IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) is the most influential international organization in the field of power electronics globally. With more than 10,000 members worldwide, it provides a full range of services such as technical exchanges, academic journals, professional conferences, education and training, and formulating standards, etc. Its establishment date, June 20, 1987, is designated as PELS DAY. Every year, its branch unions and student unions around the world will celebrate its foundation by holding seminars, special lectures, industrial visits, student reports, competitions, etc. Professor Zhang Liuchen, academician of the Royal Canadian Academy of Engineering, is the current chairman of IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS), also a national high-level overseas talent, and a Changjiang Scholar and Chair Professor of the Ministry of Education.

Translator & Editor: Fang Ting

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