Delegations from two French universities visited NCUT
February 27 ,2023

In the afternoon of February 21, President Shen Dai of Brest Business School and Liao Xiaoyan, head of the China Representative Office of JUNIA Business School, and their delegation visited our university. Wang Jianwen, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC North China University of Technology Committee, Vice President met with the guests in Room 322, Dunpin Building.

Wang Jianwen welcomed the guests, introduced the history of our university and the situation of international cooperation and exchanges, and expressed his hope to carry out inter-school exchanges with the two French schools, promote student exchanges, teacher exchanges and scientific research cooperation, etc., providing more and better platforms and communication opportunities for our students and teachers.

Shen Dai introduced the current situation of Brest Business School, looking forward to jointly cultivating international talents with our university through cooperation forms such as double degree, combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Program , co-teaching system and teacher exchange program. Shen Dai is a French-Chinese education expert, the founding vice chairman of the IUIA International University Innovation Alliance, and the winner of the The Ordre des Palmes académiques (French for "Order of Academic Palms").

Liao Xiaoyan also gave an introduction on JUNIA Business School. In order to meet the needs of international development, the school has offered a total of 10 English master's programs. It is expected to provide students with the opportunities to go to France for further study through 3.5+0.5+2 master's extension program.

The guests then visited the School of Economics and Management, the School of Architecture and Art, and the School of Civil Engineering and had talks and exchange of views. They also visited the School History Museum and school laboratories. The heads of the Office of International Affairs, International College, School of Economics and Management, School of Architecture and Art, and School of Civil Engineering attended the meeting.

Founded in 1962, Brest Business School (BBS for short) is accredited by the International Association for the Advancement of Schools of Business. BBS ranks 35th among French higher education business schools and 193rd among national universities in the Global Network of Universities (4ICU).

The French JUNIA Institute of Advanced Engineering (JUNIA for short) was formed in 2020 by the merger of the Lille Advanced Institute of Electronics and Digital Technology, the French Advanced Institute of Engineers and the Lille Advanced Institute of Agriculture. It ranked 11th for two consecutive years in the ranking of French engineering institutes.

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