It is said that the north is the most auspicious direction and the west is the most miraculous. North China University of Technology which lies at the foot of the West Mountain is a place endowed with the fine spirits of the universe.

Located in the breathtaking west side of Beijing, North China University of Technology has a long history and people of great talent come out in multitude from this institute of higher education. First founded in 1946, after 70 years’ history, NCUT has developed into a multidisciplinary university centered on engineering and compatible both in arts and science, possessing multiple education levels including bachelor, master and PhD and authorized degree qualifications. Co-established by Beijing and central government, NCUT is administrated mainly by Beijing. In total, there are around 11,000 undergraduate students, 2,600 graduate students, 3,000 continuing students, 700 international students, as well as over 1,000 faculties and staff. It is one of the most beautiful universities in Beijing with an area of 500 hectares and 400 thousand m2 of overall floorage.

In the past 70 years, deeply rooted in the history, NCUT has refined the school motto of Sincere Quality and Industrial Learning, Luxuriant in Talent and Morality, and molded the school ethos of Seriousness, Strictness and Rigorousness, converging into the school spirit of Professional, Entrepreneurial and Humanistic. Within the 70 years, NCUT has established the mission of Building on Quality and Distinctive Teaching Consciousness in constant education practice, forming the philosophy of Students’ education oriented, academic priority, good relationship between teachers and students and harmonious development. Such spirit and perception have been the motivation for NCUT people to progress pragmatically and strive forward constantly.

The university has been focused on talent cultivation and improving education quality, forming the education characteristic of individualized teaching, quality-oriented, and all-round development. The university assumes the responsibility of cultivating high-level application-oriented talents with strong practical capabilities and attempt with great efforts to improve students’ technology application abilities and practical operation abilities. As a university for the excellent engineers cultivation project of the Ministry of Education, NCUT has 21 various engineering research centers, labs, teaching and research centers etc., among which there is a state-level research and teaching demonstration center, five municipal experimental teaching demonstration centers of Beijing and seven provincial key labs or engineering research centers. In recent five years, students constantly gain achievements in various important competitions across the country and in Beijing and 2,400 students have won rewards of each level. Upholding the philosophy of human-oriented and individualized teaching, NCUT has constructed the Talents Cultivation System of stratified teaching, distributary cultivation and classified talents with over ten years’ efforts. As a state-level innovated experimental area of talent cultivation, the university implements flexible credit system, stratified and distributary teaching system and autonomously changing majors system and build up high informationalized teaching and management system and humanized students service system, satisfying students’ demands for autonomous study, all-round development and individualized growth. As university students’ culture and quality education base of nation and Beijing, the university has constantly stressed on students’ scientific quality and human spirit cultivation. NCUT is the first civilized campus with the first art museum among the national colleges of science and engineering, as well as the first to open compulsory courses such as College Chinese and College Aesthetic Education and other courses. The Four Big Festivals including Students’ Culture, Art, Science and Physical Education have been held continually for over thirty years, evolving into the campus’ cultural brands.

NCUT has a complete range of disciplines with strong scientific research strength with seven disciplines involving science, engineering, literature, economy, management, law and arts. It has a multi-disciplinary university that combines the natural sciences and engineering with liberal arts, economics, management and law. There is a PhD talents cultivation project for serving national special demands, 19 Primary Discipline Master Degree programs which focus on academic research with three years study, involving 50 second grade disciplinary authorized master degrees, 15 authorized professional master degrees and three second authorized bachelor degrees. Three state special majors, five municipal special majors of Beijing and seven key municipal construction disciplines of Beijing have been set up in NCUT. The university has the qualification to recommend undergraduate students to pursue master degree study without attending the National Entrance Examination for Postgraduate Study.. Centered on enhancing the self innovation ability of scientific and research, the university voluntarily serves the needs of national and social development, attaches importance to scientific innovation, thus achieving remarkable results in high-tech development and application research and its industrialization production and forming comparative advantages in some areas. Recently, the university has won six second prizes in National Scientific and Technological Progress, one Lu Xun Literary Award, and over 50 provincial awards, being a vital collage base for capital scientific and technical development.

NCUT carries out the opening-up education strategy and has established inter-college partnerships with over 40 universities and colleges from four continents such as Asia, Europe, America and Australia, involving USA, Japan, German, Britain, France, Russia, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, etc. holding many cooperation and exchange activities in teaching, scientific cooperation, students’ exchange and joined cultivation. It offers chances for students to participate in the international exchange programs and receive internationalized education. Several hundred students are recommended and picked up to go to USA, Britain, Japan and other countries to study and communicate and thus give them the chance to get the overseas’ bachelor and master degree through the project of double degrees. NCUT also provides high quality education courses and humanistic services for oversea students. There are nearly 500 international students studying here now.

With 70 years’ of industrious efforts, the university is devoted to innovation. Facing the challenges and opportunities of the new era, the university will persist in the vital responsibility and lofty mission of teaching and cultivating students, scientific and research innovation, inheriting culture and serving the society, uphold the connotative development, constantly improve the core competition capabilities, and strive for building a vigorous, unique and high-level teaching-research university!


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