The International School held a grand opening ceremony and orientation session for the 2023 new students
September 11 ,2023

On the morning of September 8th, the International School held the opening ceremony for the 2023 new students in the Haohua Building Auditorium. Wang Jianwen, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC North China University of Technology Committee, Vice President attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. All faculty members of the International School and all students of the 2023 class attended the ceremony.

Wang Jianwen warmly welcomed all the new students and introduced the basic situation of the university from various perspectives of its development history, open education strategy, and the educational effect on international students. He encouraged all new students to study hard and improve their professional skills, learn Chinese diligently, deepen their understanding of Chinese culture, learn from each other, and strive to become messengers of cultural exchange.

SAIDOVA MINO, a new student from Tajikistan, expressed the warmest anticipation for embarking on a new journey of knowledge in her speech. She expressed her determination to cherish every opportunity to learn, study Chinese diligently, learn Chinese culture, and become a friendly ambassador for cultural exchange. HASAN ARIF, a representative of the students from Bangladesh, expressed gratitude in his speech for the good learning environment provided by the university, the abundant library resources, and the patient and professional guidance of the teachers. He shared his experiences and insights in terms of studying professional knowledge seriously and actively participating in school activities. Associate Professor Liu Liping, as the representative of the teachers, warmly welcomed the arrival of the 2023 new students and expressed three hopes for the new students: to be proactive in planning their study and life, make more friends , and have a happy and fulfilling life in China.

After the opening ceremony, teachers from the International School gave a comprehensive introduction to the situation of the School from multiple perspectives including the school profile, student management, visa and insurance policies, accommodation management, cultural activities, and daily life. They also addressed the questions that are of utmost concern to international students, helping them adapt to university life in China quickly. The event also emphasized the promotion of laws, regulations, and school rules, requiring everyone to pay attention to safety, stay away from drugs, prevent fire and theft, and abide by Chinese laws and school regulations.

The opening ceremony and orientation session for new students in the International School concluded successfully. The International School will continue to organize various colorful cultural activities to help international students integrate into the big family of NCUT as soon as possible and lay a solid foundation for their study and life in China.

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