A new journey of struggle and a run on the track of youth - NCUT held the 2022 "Lixue Tea Party" event
May 16 ,2022

Welcome 20th CPC National Congress and share the dreams of the youth. While the university is studying the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during his visit to Renmin University of China, a Tea Party themed on "Meeting with NCUT President - Running on the Youth Track" was held at Brunel London School on 27 April at the event room. President Zhang Lifeng had a friendly exchange with 10 students from various schools.

The event started with a round of relaxed and enjoyable self-introduction. A cup of mellow coffee warmed the hearts of the students and brought them closer to the President. The students talked freely about their holiday, their online study experiences since the new semester in spring. They also shared their thoughts on university life, the gains they have made and their future plans. In addition, the students also gave their feedback and suggestions on the development of NCUT.

President Zhang listened carefully to the students' remarks and exchanged ideas with them, affirming their excellent performance. Combining vivid examples from his own work and life, he answered the students' questions and relieved their confusion with humorous words. Laughter was often heard from the audience. He urged the students to overcome the unfavourable effects brought about by the pandemic, and that they should not be intimidated by the difficulties, but be strong in life and be brave enough to forge their own path of success. He encouraged the students to closely combine their personal values with the rejuvenation of the nation, to make a solid effort in everything they do, and to dedicate their intelligence and youth to the development of the country and the nation.

President Zhang hoped that the students would study and understand the important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Renmin University of China. At the same time, they should remember the words of the Party and aspire to national rejuvenation, so as to fulfill the expectations of their youth, the times and the people. On the track of youth, the students should run with vigour and strive to perform the best of the young people of today. He proposed five suggestions to the students. Firstly, they should set visionary goals, make good plans and work relentlessly towards them. Secondly, they should adhere to the truth, strive persistently, establish correct values and grow up to be useful to the country, society and their families. Thirdly, they should cherish their youthfulness and study hard. Fourthly, they should develop hobbies, make friends and maintain a bright and healthy mindset. Finally, they should adapt to the new online teaching mode, make good use of online learning resources and improve their learning adaptability.

The leaders of the Academic Affairs Office and the Student Affairs Office attended this activity. The event was successfully concluded in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

According to Adila Ebdullah, a student from Foreign Languages, Graduate Class 21, School of Humanities and Law, President Zhang was humorous and kind. A cup of coffee and a few greetings quickly brought the President closer to the students. Combining his personal experience, President Zhang talked about study, research and life, helping with the students' confusion and worries during their growth, which benefited them greatly. In the future studies and work, Adila will remember the President's words to study hard, improve herself and contribute to society.

Men Kaixuan from Information Security Class 20-2, School of Information Science and Technology said that beginning with how to stay positive in study and life during the pandemic, President Zhang discussed with the students about growth by encouraging them to make unremitting efforts to strengthen themselves in order to overcome difficulties. According to Men, the students were also encouraged by President Zhang to integrate their personal growth into the great journey of national rejuvenation and to write a magnificent chapter of their youth.

Fu Jiajia from Statistics Class 19-2 said, "We were moved by President's diligence in revising his doctoral thesis. And we were impressed by his profound academic achievements. We should take the President as our role model in strengthening our professional foundation, learning more professional knowledge and developing more professional skills. Meanwhile, we will remember our vows to build our nation and to grow up into a new man of the times who can bear the heavy responsibility of national rejuvenation.”

Translator: Yang Yu

Editor: Fang Ting

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