North China University of Technology, located in the western part of Beijing, is a municipal university founded in 1946. Co-established by Beijing and central government, NCUT is administrated mainly by the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. Acquiring a reputation as one of the most beautiful universities in Beijing, the University covers over 30 hectares and 400 thousand square meters of overall floorage.

NCUT has developed into a multidisciplinary university featuring engineering while compatible both in arts and science, and nowadays comprises 12 schools, respectively School of Information Science and Technology, School of Electrical and Control Engineering, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, School of Architecture and Art, School of Civil Engineering, School of Economics and Management, School of Humanities and Law, School of Sciences, School of Marxism, Brunel London School, School of Continuing Education, and International School, with 15,065 full-time students, including 11,879 undergraduate students, 3,036 graduate students, 333 international students, 150 second-bachelor-degree students and over 4,500 continuing-education students.

Among 1,173 NCUT faculties and staffs, 906 are full-time teachers, while 14 of them are recognized as national-level talents, awarded with titles of Duel-Hired Academicians, “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” professors, winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Pioneers of Scientific and Technological Innovation in 10,000 Talents Supporting Programme, and also 81 of them are provincial-level talents and Teacher of the Year. Our faculty resources are rich with not only excellent individuals, 32 doctoral supervisors, 65.2% of full-time teachers with doctoral degrees, and 56.7% of full-time teachers with senior professional titles, but also teaching teams, municipal Academic Innovation Teams and Excellent Teaching Teams, and 3 Excellent Undergraduate Education Teams.

Talents Training

NCUT’s educational system offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate, master and PhD student education, while trains full-time students at home and abroad, as well as applies flexible adult higher education. Listed by numbers:

l 1 PhD students training project satisfying special national needs, 17 first-level master’s disciplines, 10 categories of professional-orientation master progammes, and 53 undergraduate programmes

l 13 nationally first-class undergraduate programmes, 7 Beijing first-class undergraduate programmes, 2 first-class programmes in Beijing universities (key programmes), 3 accredited engineering programmes, 1 nationally first-class course, 24 high-quality undergraduate courses in Beijing universities

l 21 teaching and scientific research platforms of national and provincial level, 2 projects of MOE Emerging Engineering Education Research and Practice, 9 projects of Undergraduate Teaching Reform and Innovation of Beijing higher education

l 2 Second Prize of National Education and Teaching Achievement, 1 Grand Prize, 10 First Prize and 22 Second Prize of Beijing High Education Achievement in recent years

The University is home to a national-level talent training experimental zone, a national and Beijing college student humanistic quality education base, a national college student off-campus practice education base, and a national-level experimental teaching demonstration center and 6 Beijing experimental teaching demonstration centers. Valuing teaching as you see while also encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, we have attracted 93 teams to join the College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, and have been presented with “Western Beijing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base”, “Demonstration Entrepreneurship Center of Universities in Beijing”, as well as a branch of “Beijing University Student Entrepreneurship Park”. Over the past five years, an average of more than 2,000 undergraduates have annually won prizes in discipline competitions of provincial, ministerial or above level, nearly 1/3 of graduates have furthered their study, and employment rates also have consecutively reached around 96%. The postgraduate enrollment has increased stably, while 1,000 postgraduates have been credited with awards in discipline competitions of provincial, ministerial or above level.

Featured Disciplines

NCUT Engineering has been ranked as the global top 1% discipline by ESI, as well as Computer Science and Technology has been assessed as B-level disciplines in the 4th National Discipline Evaluation. Both Control Science and Engineering were recognized as the top 20% among ShanghaiRanking’s National Best Disciplines in 2020, and also approved as Advanced, Precise and Cutting-Edge Disciplines in Beijing universities. Power Electronics Engineering was listed among the top 400 in ShanghaiRanking’s Global Best Disciplines in 2020, the best among universities governed by the Government of Beijing Municipality. The PhD students training project satisfying special national needs has passed the latest qualification conducted by the Ministry of Education. The University has generally met requirements to offer doctorates. Owing to actively promoting interdisciplinary development, NCUT constitutes “Smart Plus” disciplines by “Smart Information”, “Smart Control”, Smart Manufacturing” and “Smart Construction”, and is committed to practice “City Governance” with “City Risks Prevention and Control and Emergencies Management” and “Urban Comprehensive Governance and Smart Services”.

Scientific Research

The University, closely following Beijing’s goals to construct functions as “Four Centers” and to develop into an international science and technology innovation center, also concerned with operation and governance characteristics of Beijing as the capital also a mega city, plays a leading role in areas of smart transportation, energy savings and environment protection, risk prevention and control and disasters warning, new materials and green power supply, etc., and gives advices as a think tank in areas such as economic management, legal services, and green livability. NCUT has built 16 provincial and ministerial-level key laboratories, engineering technology research centers and 1 national key laboratory joint construction base, and participated in constructing 3 provincial and ministerial-level collaborative innovation centers. Moreover, 13 university-affiliated R&D institutions, such as the Advanced Innovation Research Institute, the Energy Storage Engineering Center, and the Emerging Risk Research Institute, have been set up. Thanks to our location advantage, the University has also launched “Northern University of Technology Science and Technology Park”, and houses the Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research Base. In total, NCUT people have achieved 7 second prizes of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 1 Lu Xun Literary Award, and over 80 provincial and ministerial awards.

International Exchanges

The University is tasked with training Chinese Government Scholarships students, also authorized as a national talent training base for the “Belt and Road Initiative” countries, and has been approved to build the Jingshi International College for humanistic communication. We have established partnership with 117 colleges and universities in 40 countries (regions), have carried out more than 80 student exchange projects in various forms, and now enroll more than 400 registered international students. We have striven to open Brunel London School, the first undergraduate China-British cooperative education institution in Beijing universities, and the “Modern Engineering School” with Andijan Machine-Building Institute in Uzbekistan that dedicates to train international talents for the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

(Statistics updated by April 2022)

Translator and Editor: Fang Ting

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