General Information

· founded in 1946

· covering over 30 hectares and 400 thousand square meters of overall floorage

· 12 schools

· 15,065 full-time students, respectively 11,879 undergraduate students, 3,036 graduate students, 333 international students, 150 second-bachelor-degree students and over 4,500 continuing-education students

· 1,173 faculties and staffs, 906 full-time teachers, 14 national-level talents, 81 provincial-level talents and Teacher of the Year

· 32 doctoral supervisors, 65.2% of full-time teachers with doctoral degrees, and 56.7% of full-time teachers with senior professional titles

· 1 municipal Academic Innovation Teams, 6 Excellent Teaching Teams, and 3 Excellent Undergraduate Education Teams

Talents Training

· 1 PhD students training project meeting special national needs, 17 first-level master’s disciplines, 10 categories of professional-orientation master progammes, and 53 undergraduate programmes

· 13 nationally first-class undergraduate programmes, 7 Beijing first-class undergraduate programmes, 2 first-class programmes in Beijing universities (key programmes), 3 accredited engineering programmes, 1 nationally first-class course, 24 high-quality undergraduate courses in Beijing universities

· 21 teaching and scientific research platforms of national and provincial level, 2 projects of MOE Emerging Engineering Education Research and Practice, 9 projects of Undergraduate Teaching Reform and Innovation of Beijing higher education

· 2 second prizes of National Education and Teaching Achievement, 1 Grand Prize, 10 first prizes and 22 second prizes of Beijing High Education Achievement in recent years

Scientific Research

· 16 provincial and ministerial-level key laboratories, engineering technology research centers

· 1 national key laboratory joint construction base

· participating in constructing 3 provincial and ministerial-level collaborative innovation centers

· 13 university-affiliated R&D institutions, including the Advanced Innovation Research Institute, the Energy Storage Engineering Center, and the Emerging Risk Research Institute, etc.

· Northern University of Technology Science and Technology Park

· Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research Base

· 7 second prizes of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 1 Lu Xun Literary Award, and over 80 provincial and ministerial awards

International Exchanges

· Partnership with 117 colleges and universities in 40 countries (regions)

· 80 student exchange projects in various

· 400 registered international students

· Brunel London School, the first undergraduate China-British cooperative education institution in Beijing universities

· “Modern Engineering School” with Andijan Machine-Building Institute in Uzbekistan

(Statistics updated by April 2022)

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