Chinese Language Programs

NCUT's Chinese Language training Centre offers long-term courses and trainees. The programs are geared towards the national HSK exam which is a Chinese proficiency examination. Additional specialised classes and free training materials are provided in the lead up to the exam. In addition, we offer one-on-one tutors to help language program students get know the campus quickly , digits material from their classes, accelerate their progress, and get the most from their life on campus.


Application materials required for Chinese learning programs:

a.NCUT Overseas student application form.

b.Copy of the highest diploma or certificate of learning at university

c.Copy of passport


A. Long-term Chinese Language programs

NCUT offers Chinese language programs in five-levels in accordance with China's state standards, and students have the opportunity to select a certain level Chinese language program according to their Chinese proficiency. Besides the compulsory courses they have in the morning from Monday to Friday, selective courses are offered for overseas students to study in the afternoon: HSK Intensive training, Oral English, Common Chinese Idioms, Chinese History, Chinese Economy, Calligraphy, and Painting. Students will take exams when they finish the courses. The full score is 100 for each course. Five level language are as follows .

a(Beginners) : Students at this level have no background of Chinese training or can only speak a few Chinese words. This course will focus on learning pronunciation, Pinyin, basic expressions, character writing and 1000 Chinese words from the textbooks, to gain a basic ability to listen and speak.

b(Improvement) : Students entering this level should be able to use 1000 Chinese words in simple Chinese dialogue. Students are expected to develop their basic Chinese, as well as a vocabulary of 2000 Chinese words to extend their basic ability in listening and speaking Chinese.

c(Medium) : Students entering this level should be able to recite short articles and to express views on a given subject in proper Chinese. Students are expected to attain fluency in fundamental Chinese, and be able to deal with day-to-day conversations using a vocabulary of 3000 words. Students are also expected to develop a basic understanding of Chinese culture.

d(Medium enhancement): Students entering this level should be able to speak Chinese fluently and discuss a given topic in Chinese. Students are expected to attain fluency in fundamental Chinese and be able to deal with day to day conversations using a vocabulary of 4000 words as well as having a developed understanding of the Chinese culture.

e(Advanced) : Students entering this level are expected to be able to freely express views in Chinese and understand the Chinese language radio, news papers and television programs. Students are expected to be able to use expressions and sentences freely, grasping a number of Chinese idioms, sayings and proverbs as well as special Chinese expressions in order to express their own views fluently and flexibly.

The language program students could take some courses offered to undergraduate students while taking Chinese language courses at NCUT. Overseas students may graduate in advance as long as they meet the credits requirements.


B. Short-term Chinese language programs

Four-week Chinese language programs are offered during summer and winter vacations at a wide range at different levels to meet student needs . Classes typically have 10 students ,with four hours of classes every morning , and special practice activities in the afternoon. Weekends visits to the Forbidden City ,Great Wall and the Summer Palace are also arranged.


Chinese language program students who complete the courses will be awarded with a certificate and transcripts.


Admission procedure and Requirements:

Application duration: Oct. 30 to June 30

Application system:

Evaluation method: An interview will be organized if there is no problem for applicants documents.

All application documents must be real. If fake documents are found, qualification will be canceled.

Cheating during interview is strictly prohibited.


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