The University, closely following Beijing’s goals to construct functions as “Four Centers” and to develop into an international science and technology innovation center, also combining operation and governance characteristics of Beijing as the capital also a mega city, plays a leading role in areas of smart transportation, energy savings and environment protection, risk prevention and control and disasters warning, new materials and green power supply, etc., and gives advices as a think tank in areas such as economic management, legal services, and green livability. 

NCUT has built 16 provincial and ministerial-level key laboratories, engineering technology research centers and 1 national key laboratory joint construction base, and participated in constructing 3 provincial and ministerial-level collaborative innovation centers. 13 university-affiliated R&D institutions have been set up, including the Advanced Innovation Research Institute, the Energy Storage Engineering Center, and the Emerging Risk Research Institute, etc. Thanks to our location advantage, we have launch “Northern University of Technology Science and Technology Park”, and also house the Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research Base. In total, NCUT people have achieved 7 second prizes of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 1 Lu Xun Literary Award, and over 80 provincial and ministerial awards.


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