School of Humanities and Law
September 18 ,2018

    The School of Humanities and Law has six departments, including Laws, English, Japanese, Chinese, Advertisement, Public English and one experimental center, and owns two university-wide research institutions, the Institution of Economic Law and the Research Center of Anti-corruption law. It establishes 10 research centers including Jurisprudence, Constitution and Administrative Law, Intellectual Property Law, Criminal Law, Financial Security and Rule of Law, Rule of Law on Energy, Language and Culture, Traditional Culture, Cultural Creative Industry, Culture and Media, etc. Now, the School offers six Bachelor's Degree programs including Jurisprudence, English, Japanese, Chinese, Advertisement, Intellectual Property Law, etc., and establishes two Master's Degree programs of the first-batch, namely Jurisprudence, Foreign Languages and Literatures, nine Master's Degree programs of the second-batch, one professional degree program of Master of Law and one second degree major of law.

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