NCUT is welcoming the first batch of foreign teachers(international faculty) in the new semester
February 24 ,2023

At the beginning of the new semester, with the continuous optimization of epidemic prevention and control policies, offline teaching resumed in an orderly manner, and NCUT received the first batch of foreign teachers (international faculty) in the spring semester of 2023. On February 22, Brunel London School held a welcome symposium for foreign teachers(international faculty). Wang Jianwen, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC North China University of Technology Committee, Vice President and members of the Brunel London School management team discussed Chinese-foreign cooperation with foreign teachers(international faculty) , talking about the development vision of the new semester. The symposium was chaired by Yang Zhihui, Dean of Brunel London School.

On behalf of the university , Wang Jianwen expressed his sincere welcome and thanks to the arrival of 7 foreign teachers(international faculty). He said that the current national epidemic prevention and control situation is generally good, and has steadily entered the stage of normalized prevention and control as Covid was Classified as Category B infectious disease. production and living of society are vibrant, and Chinese-foreign cooperation and exchange are back on trackwhich provide an important opportunity for resume offline communication and cooperation. The teachers and students of NCUT are very excited and happy about their arrival. He briefly introduced the history of the university, school-running philosophy and future development goals. He said that the arrival of foreign teachers(international faculty) will help further deepen Chinese-foreign cooperation, integrate the advantageous resources of both sides, create an international environment and provide students with high-quality offline teaching experience. He said that Beijing is a city with a long history and rich cultural background. It is a city of great inclusiveness and profound cultural heritage. We welcome you to Beijing and discover the charm and richness of the ancient capital. We hope you can soon adapt to and enjoy your life at NCUT. We will provide you with thoughtful and all-round services.

At the symposium, foreign teachers ( international faculty)spoke up and talked freely about what they saw, thought and felt when they came to Beijing and NCUT, expressed their gratitude for the help and support given by the university in their teaching activities and daily life, and also expressed their willingness to actively participate in the various activities of the university, deepen exchanges and discussions with Chinese teachers, gain an in-depth understanding of students' learning needs, and effectively involved in the construction and development of the university.

Brunel London School has put forward specific requirements for foreign teachers (international faculty) in education and teaching work. It is hoped that the teachers can keep abreast of students' learning and get timely feedback of the teaching effects, and constantly improve the teaching process and teaching quality. After the meeting, the university heads also had an in-depth discussion with foreign teachers(international faculty) on the arrangement of the teaching and student academic guidance.

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