NCUT International Student Basketball team won the championship in the foreign group of the 2nd Beijing “Community Cup”Basketball League
October 19 ,2023

Recently, the finals of the Second "Community Cup" Basketball League in Beijing came to a close, and NCUT International Student Basketball team won the championship in the Foreigner Division with outstanding performance and team strength.

This event was organized by the Beijing Municipal  Bureau of Sports, the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality , the Beijing Municipal Sports Association, various district people's governments, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area Management Committee, and the Yanshan Office. Its purpose is to showcase Beijing's strategic positioning as a city with "Four Centers", and further implement Beijing's overall planning for the development of "Three Ball" sports. This year's competition included three groups: urban mass groups, social public groups, and foreign personnel groups. The foreign personnel group attracted eight basketball teams from 20 countries to participate.

After fierce competition, NCUT international student basketball team successfully defeated strong opponents of capital colleges and universities, foreign embassies and consulates in China, and foreign-funded enterprises, and won the championship of the foreign group in the finals of this year's "Community Cup" Basketball League. Basketball, as a worldwide sport, requires not only skill and physical strength but also teamwork and cooperation between teams. Through the competition, international students enhanced mutual understanding and established deep friendship. They showed excellent skills and teamwork spirit on the court, winning honors for NCUT while receiving widespread recognition and praise.

As the most widely participated, with the largest number of registrants, and the most influential community basketball tournament in Beijing, this event continues the theme of the first session, "Three people become a team, ten thousand people have one star," providing a broad stage for many players. According to the organizers, the event received enthusiastic response from the masses, more than 1.06 million people watched the municipal-level finals of this event on live streams, and more than 1.07 million people watched the finals in total.  

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