Delegation led by Vice President of Andijan Machine-Building Institute in Uzbekistan visited NCUT
November 29 ,2023

From November 20th to 25th, Aliev Sukhrob Rayimjonovich, Vice President of the Andijan Machine-Building Institute in Uzbekistan , led a delegation to visit our university. The delegation was received by Vice President Wang Jianwen. During the visit, the two universities renewed their memorandum of understanding and engaged in in-depth discussions regarding the planned dual-degree programs and research collaboration.


Wang Jianwen provided an overview of our university and reviewed the achievements of existing collaborative programs, including the joint training program for international students and the progress of the "Key Special Project for International Scientific and Technological Innovation Cooperation between Governments." He proposed that both parties should further strengthen their cooperation in accordance with the latest guidance from the education ministries of both countries. He emphasized the need to leverage the operational experience of existing programs to steadily expand the scale and quality of joint training programs. He also expressed the hope for enhancing faculty exchanges and research collaboration to contribute to the international development of both universities. Aliev Sukhrob Rayimjonovich expressed gratitude for the warm reception and highlighted the high-quality education and research exchange platform that the deep collaboration between the two universities has provided for the students and faculty of the  Andijan Machine-Building Institute. He affirmed the university's commitment to continue supporting and promoting dual-degree programs, faculty exchanges, and research collaboration.


From November 21st to 22nd, members of the delegation engaged in a seminar on collaborative research projects at the School of Electrical and Control Engineering. The seminar focused on academic presentations and discussions related to renewable energy generation for hydrogen production, solar thermal power generation applications, power quality control, and optimization of microgrid control. They also visited the New Energy Generation and Smart Microgrid Laboratory, the Power Electronics and Power Transmission Laboratory, and the Electric Motor Drive Laboratory of the school. The delegation expressed the desire to establish ongoing international research collaboration with our university, promoting the exchange visits of doctoral students and young faculty members, and jointly advancing cutting-edge research outcomes in the field of new energy and related areas. Following the seminar, the delegation visited the Photovoltaic Smart Microgrid Demonstration Project in the Kungang Industrial Park of Tianjin, where they discussed the practical application of micro grid engineering in Central Asia. Both parties expressed the hope for international industry-academia-research collaboration to promote the widespread application of advanced zero-carbon energy technologies in the Central Asian region.


During their visit, the delegation also held discussions with students from the Andijan Machine-Building Institute who are participating in the joint training program at our university. They had detailed exchanges about the students' study and life at our university, expressing deep gratitude for the comprehensive services and thoughtful care provided to the students in various aspects. As of now, a total of 18 students with dual degrees in Electronic Information Engineering and Mechanical Electronic Engineering have graduated successfully from our university, and four students are currently pursuing master's degrees at our university.

The visiting delegation also included Karimova Fotima Abdukakhkhorovna, Director of the International Department of the Andijan Machine-Building University, Alijanov Donyorbek Dilshodovich, Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering, as well as Bakhramov Shokhrukhbek Kozimjon Ugli, member of the joint project team.

The Andijan Machine-Building Institute is located in the industrial city of Andijan in the eastern part of Uzbekistan. The university was originally established in 1976 and was renamed to its current name in 2011. In the comprehensive ranking of more than 160 universities in Uzbekistan in 2022, the university is ranked 19th.




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