School of Electrical and Control Engineering
September 18 ,2018

    The School of Electrical and Control Engineering consists of four Bachelor's Degree programs, including Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, New Energy Science and Engineering, Transportation Equipment and Control Engineering. It has the qualification to confer the Doctoral Degree for control science and engineering, and offers two Master's Degree programs of the first-batch, namely the Control Science and Engineering and the Electric Engineering, and three fields involving Master of Engineering, namely the Control Engineering, the Electric Engineering and the Communication and Transportation Engineering and two key disciplines of Beijing; the School is the attached institution of Integrated Special Committee of Intelligent Transportation System of Chinese Association of Automation, IoT Committee of China Instrument and Control Society. The School sets up two key laboratories of Beijing (Fieldbus and Automation Technology, Urban Traffic Intelligent Control Technology), two Beijing engineering technical research centers (frequency conversion technology, Power Electronics and Electric Drives), three synergistic innovation centers at municipal level and above (Beijing Electric Vehicle, Beijing Key Power Energy-saving Technology, Capital Smooth Traffic under MOE's Innovation Ability Enhancement Program of Higher Learning Institutions), one national key laboratory research base (Hybrid Process Industrial Automation System and National Key Laboratory of Equipment Technology), three featured research institutions (Institution of Electrical Engineering, Institution of Military-Civilian Integration Intelligent Equipment Research, Institution of Control Engineering Research).

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