School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
September 18 ,2018

    The School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering has four Bachelor's Degree programs, including the Mechanical Design-Manufacture and its Automation, Mechatronic Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Industrial Design, and offers academic Master's Degree program of the first-batch for Mechanical Engineering, as well as three professional Master's Degree programs including the Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering and the Industrial Design. Of the majors, the Mechanical Design-Manufacture and its Automation is a national featured major program, and the Mechatronic Engineering is a key discipline in Beijing. Many teachers were selected as Beijing Prominent Educator, Beijing Great Scholar, Beijing High-level Talent. As the state-level pilot zone for talent training innovation, the School has won second prize for National Teaching Achievements twice in succession. It established national engineering training demonstration center, Beijing research center of variable-cross-section roll forming engineering technology, modern detection technology and equipment engineering technology research center of nonferrous metallurgical process, institution of intelligent manufacturing research, institution of robot research and other educational and scientific research institutions. The School has researched and developed the automatic measurement and control system of wide-area water basin, advanced light-metal based composite material that has been applied in multiple series of national satellites and space laboratory of Tiangongthe first set of variable-cross-section roll bending production line and other achievements in scientific research.


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