Professor Asoke K. Nandi, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK, visited NCUT
November 25 ,2023

On November 23rd, Professor Asoke K. Nandi, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in the United Kingdom and a professor at Brunel University London, along with Professor Maozhen Li, Vice-Dean of the Vice-Dean of the UK side of Brunel London school, visited our university for academic exchange. Vice President Wang Jianwen met with the guests.


Wang Jianwen warmly welcomed Professor Asoke K. Nandi and his delegation, and highlighted the international cooperation and education internationalization of our university. He emphasized the excellent compatibility of the academic disciplines between the two universities and the significant progress in cooperative education. He expressed hope that Professor Asoke K. Nandi would play a leading academic role and contribute to the comprehensive and high-quality cooperation between the two universities.


Professor Asoke K. Nandi highly praised the achievements of the cooperative education between the two universities and exchanged views on research progress in signal processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. He also shared information about collaborative exchanges with Chinese universities.


During the visit, Professor Asoke K. Nandi delivered an academic lecture titled "Age of Data: Personal Journey," which was attended by over 100 teachers and students from our university. In the lecture, Professor Nandi elaborated on the development and broad application prospects of big data technology, drawing on his research in particle physics, medical image processing, and artificial intelligence. During the interactive session, students actively asked questions, and Professor Nandi patiently provided detailed answers and shared personal insights.



In addition, Professor Asoke K. Nandi and his delegation held discussions with more than 20 student representatives from Brunel University London, addressing the questions and concerns of the students.


Professor Asoke K. Nandi is currently a Professor Emeritus at Brunel University London, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK, and a Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on signal processing and machine learning, applied to gene expression data, nuclear magnetic resonance data, and condition monitoring data. He has been honored with the IEEE Heinrich Hertz Award, the Bangladesh Award, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Water Arbitration Award, the Institution of Engineering and Technology Mountbatten Medal, and the Electronics and Communication Divisional Award.


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